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Simple tips to assist in getting better SEO & web accessibility

Why structure to your content is important? With so many websites being added to the world wide web every minute there are a few things  you should do to give your website the best possible chance of being found through search engines this is why SEO and web accessibility are so important.

Posted by: Matt | September 6, 2015

What steps you can take to improve your online business

After working in the web design space for many years I think in the past 12 months I have heard more negatives or “that won’t work” from website owners than I have heard in many years. But it’s like anything some things work for one and not for others. It’s a trial and error. Below […]

Posted by: Matt | September 3, 2015

Web Accessibility in Adobe Business Catalyst

I have been using the  Adobe Business Catalyst  content management system for the last three years and have recently looked at how the system handles web accessibility for content authors.

Posted by: Matt | May 19, 2015

What is web accessibilty. Part 1

Web accessibility, what is it and does it apply to me? Many people believe this is not an issue to their website, but honestly they are wrong. Why should a person who can not see not be able to view your website? Web accessibility affects everyone on the web some more than others. The main […]

Posted by: Matt | April 7, 2015
Edge Rank

Facebook and Organic Growth!

Well if you haven’t seen that your organic growth in Facebook has dropped in the last few months you must not be on social media. With Facebook’s release of their latest algorithm Edgerank, Facebook is basically holding the business owner hostage, telling them if you want to be seen you need to pay. How are […]

Posted by: Matt | January 3, 2015

What’s more important Likes or Dollars

Are you unsure as to what is more important when it comes to your social media? If you look at it this way, do you just want to have more likes or dollars coming through the door? Many people today believe that simply by having more likes on Facebook the more people they will reach. […]

Posted by: Matt | December 5, 2014

Is your business missing out on revenue due to not using email marketing?

So you’ve had a awesome website developed and you’re not taking advantage of email marketing. We can offer your business a stand alone product that is easy to use and manage no matter how big or small your business is. Once setup you can select to pay as you go for the occasional sender or […]

Posted by: Matt | September 28, 2014