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Has your website traffic stalled?

Has your website stalled and not bringing in new visitors or clients? With so many new websites being added to the web everyday how are you going to stand out from the crowd? One of the best ways to gain new clients through your website is still newsletter marketing. but I hear you say how do […]

Matt September 15, 2015

Simple tips to assist in getting better SEO & web accessibility

Why structure to your content is important? With so many websites being added to the world wide web every minute there are a few things  you should do to give your website the best possible chance of being found through search engines this is why SEO and web accessibility are so important.

Matt September 6, 2015

Does your web content suck? Read our checklist

So you have written your content for your webpage but no-one is reading it… Why you ask. Follow our helpful web content checklist to get visitors flocking in.

Matt January 5, 2015
Edge Rank

Facebook and Organic Growth!

Well if you haven’t seen that your organic growth in Facebook has dropped in the last few months you must not be on social media. With Facebook’s release of their latest algorithm Edgerank, Facebook is basically holding the business owner hostage, telling them if you want to be seen you need to pay. How are […]

Matt January 3, 2015