Edge Rank

Facebook and Organic Growth!

Well if you haven’t seen that your organic growth in Facebook has dropped in the last few months you must not be on social media.

With Facebook’s release of their latest algorithm Edgerank, Facebook is basically holding the business owner hostage, telling them if you want to be seen you need to pay. How are we as small business owners to tackle such a change to keep our followers engaged with our page?


Try following the 10-4-1 rule.

10. Make the posts fun, helpful and social plus a few entertaining ones. More than likely these posts will come from other sources that you or your audience would find entertaining and worth viewing or sharing.

4. These should be related to you and your business, product or service. These posts can vary from from status updates that will send your followers to your website. At this stage don’t go to heavy on the sales pitch

1. This is the post that is the sales pitch that will send your followers to your site/promotion etc. Try to stop with the heavy posts that “sell” you need to engage with your audience to get your reach to increase.

Try including action words in your posts.

This may sound like an easy task but if you want your subscribers to follow an action ask them and give them a reason why. Keep in the back of your mind that the more engagement you create the more chance you’ll generate something that may go viral.

Next we will cover the need for other forms of marketing to reach your followers and what some may be.



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