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10 questions to ask why your website might not doing what you expect.

Posted by: Matt | September 5, 2015

If I had a dollar for every time I get asked why is my website not getting the hits that I think it should, my sites better than the competition. Just because your site looks awesome doesn’t guarantee visitors.

Here is some questions to ask of your site.

  • Is your content current and up to date?
  • Have you done a SEO audit on the content?
  • Do you refer people to your site, either from email correspondence or phone calls etc?
  • Do you have any backlink’s to other reputable sites?
  • Are you targeting the wrong keywords?
  • You aren’t using your social media to drive people to your site.
  • Is the site hard to navigate?
  • Was it designed years ago with old web development techniques or technologies?
  • Are you flooding your content with keywords?
  • Is your site all of the above. If so it might be time to rethink your online business.

A great way to generate traffic back to your website is via electronic/social marketing. What’s that you ask. Well this can be anything from social media, electronic newsletters or Search Engine Marketing (SEO).

So how can you gather email addresses? An example could be as simple as; “you have a store front ask every customer if you can add them to your database, grab their email address and that’s one more contact that you can offer a service or product to. Same goes for Facebook etc.” It’s all about promotion of your product. Remember the golden rule. Don’t spam.

All of these will work but unfortunately it does take time. My recommendation is by doing a trial of one type of marketing and stick to it for up to 3 months and track the results. What was the ROI on the marketing you chose. If it got a reasonable result maybe tweak it just a little. The average open rate for an online newsletter is about 23%. Which isn’t bad if you have 1000+ contacts in your database. Don’t just give up because you didn’t get the huge results you expected. Try and try again. Each day you are getting more and more competition within search engines and you can’t rely on the old methods of just having content on your site and bingo you’re on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing..

In the world of search engines fresh relative content is king. Make your site and content show you as the expert in the field you are in.

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