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Looking for some Analytics dashboards?

Posted by: Matt | April 4, 2017

After working with analytics for some time I stumbled across a variety of sites offering awesome starter dashboards for free to use on your own account. Simply select the link and import it into your Google Analytics account. Please note no data is transferred to us.

I will continue to list some great resources for you here so please come back to keep up to date or sign up to our newsletter.

Social Media Dashboard

This dashboard contains 12 widgets of data that will help you understand how much social interaction your website gets both on and off site.

Add this to your Google Analytics profile

Blog Dashboard

A total of 8 widgets make up this dashboard and give you insights into your audience.

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SEO for e-commerce

This Google Analytics SEO dashboard is a must for

  • Online retailers who want to measure and grow their profits from organic search traffic
  • SEO consultants who want to document their worth to their customers

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Please note some of these dashboards are over 12 months old and may require some tweaking by yourself to get them to work correctly with Googles latest updates.